About Us


Ellen Clarke, Designer of My HorseTM 







I am a mother of boys and safety was very much in my mind when I designed My HorseTM. I wanted to design a fun toy product that is effectively a fun cusion with fun accessories such as soft rosettes, trophies and jumps.


There is no stick to trip on or hard-plastic eyes to choke on.

It is fully safety tested to British and European toy standards BSEN71 Parts 1, 2 and 3 (mechanical properties, toxicity and flammability).


The products in the My HorseTM range are made to suit children and adults of all ages and have practical applications in schools, nurseries, holiday clubs and other settings in which they are being very much enjoyed!


I am so pleased to say they are sold and raising money for horses and donkeys in need through charities, who can brand our products and sell them through their on-site shops and websites.


We value your feedback and it will help us to improve our products. Please email your comments and suggestions to: myhorse07@gmail.com.


Thank you and I hope you have a lot of fun with My HorseTM!




Ellen Clarke

Designer of My HorseTM products