St George's Day Offer


Let your little knights gallop in to save the day with your         choice of any horse + a knight costume helmet too!


More than 30% off the normal price!


Tan horse          or           Brown horse         or       Calico horse        +        This helmet

  • Small (ages 3-5, waist 17-21in/43-53cm). Dimensions with product laid flat: 19in/48cm x 16in/41cm)
  • Medium (ages 6-9, waist 21-28in/53-71cm). Dimensions with product laid flat:20in/51cm x 19in/48cm)
  • Large (ages 10+, waist 29-36in/73-91cm). Dimensions with product laid flat:23in/58cm x 22in/56cm)

 All sizes of horse + costume helmet for £16.99 (add £2.90 p&p) 


Text your horse choice and size by PM or text to Ellen Clarke 07702 054494

 * Subject to availability and offer still availalable for 2 weeks after this holiday in the current year


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